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Cameyo will help you create portable versions of those programs you are used to use and want to have with you anywhere.

It's not difficult, you only have to run Cameyo, then, install the program you want to make portable and Cameyo will detect it.

When the installation is finished, Cameyo will have converted it into a portable version. Regretfully, during our tests, the program has pailed sometimes.

Cameyo is an interesting application and we think it will be really helpful once those small problems have been solved.
How to run desktop programs via your browser

We’ve talked before round these parts about Cameyo, an interesting tool to create to-go versions (or portables to use the latest jargon) of any desktop program, but this app takes the matter a step further thanks to the new feature that lets you run portables right from a browser tab without having to install plugins of any kind.
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